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Long tradition, young winery

Mazon/Mazzon,a hamlet located above Neumarkt/Egna in the south of Alto Adige, is known asAlto Adige’s most typical Pinot Noir location. This is where the pioneers firstexperimented with this variety, where the first renowned Pinot Noirs from AltoAdige originated, and where the best wines of this grape variety are stillcoming from to this very day.

So it shouldnot come as a surprise that the Praxmarer Estate Winery located on theFritzenhof estate in Mazon has set itself the goal of “creating our owninterpretation of a Mazon Pinot Noir.” And Sebastian Praxmarer, owner of theestate winery of the same name, is well aware of the responsibility that comeswith the long tradition that he is following: “Our aim is to create authenticwines that fully represent this special location with its characteristic soilconditions and its unique microclimate,” says Praxmarer.

While thelocation has a very long tradition, the Praxmarer Estate Winery is still new inthe business here in Mazon. In 2020, they first started cultivation on some ofthe estate lands, which span a total area of 15 hectares. But the historyof the estate winery is much longer than that. For more than 220 years,since 1800, grapes have been grown on the Fritzenhof estate. Since 2020, thePraxmarer family has added a new chapter to this wine-making tradition.

“Our aim is to create authentic wines that fully represent this special location with its characteristic soil conditions and its unique microclimate.”
Sebastian Praxmarer, owner of the Mazon/Mazzon estate winery of the same name
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