Griesbauerhof winery lies at the foot of the hills of St. Magdalena and St. Justina in the suburb of Rentsch in Bozen. Since 1785, the Mumelter family has been shaping the history of Griesbauerhof winery and Georg Mumelter understands this tradition as an important task to carry out. He aims at preserving and handing down the decennial expertise of his family going on to write the history of Griesbauerhof winery by his own hand. Tradition and expertise pulsate here at 300 metres above sea level following a yearly rhythm, from farming to harvest in the vineyard, up to bottling and ageing in the winery cellar. In the newly built tasting room, wood and bright shapes create an ideal atmosphere to taste and fully enjoy wine.
A distinctive trait of the winery: to produce Isarcus, the branches of the vine are partially cut and grapes are allowed to wither. This is the reason why the moments of cut and harvest are so crucial.
Via Rencio 66, 39100 Bolzano
Tel. +39 0471 973090

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