The Heinrichshof is one of the oldest winery from Bolzano. The vines grow on blessed ground: already the blessed Heinrich from Bozen, who was born around 1250 at the Heinrichshof is reported to have worked in the vineyard. Today the Church which is located directly at the Heinrichshof is dedicated to him, since he is also the patron of the city Bolzano.
A 100 years ago, to reach the Heinrichshof, you had to leave the city Bolzano and walk around 15 minutes on a bumpy path through meadows and vineyards. However the city expanded and so today the Heinrichshof is the first vineyard located on the steep and sunny hillside on the suburb when leaving the city.
In the year 2003 Georg Oberrauch renewed the establishment and enabled by integrating the cellar under the vineyard and with the latest technique, the production of high quality wine.
Via Beato Arrigo 30, 39100 Bolzano
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