Pitzner Winery

Already for hundreds of years until these days it has significantly coined cultural history. The vine!
The little vineyard located in Kardaun tells a 700-year-old living history. The brothers Markus & Thomas would like to refresh the past history and rewrite an exciting part of it as the new generation of young winemakers.
The purpose of the Pitzneryard was initially characterized to be a weapon smithy of the Karneid castle. The name “Pitzner” is a deflection of the term “Büchsner” - meaning armory. However, the castle lords immediately recognized the excellent properties of the location for the production of “noble graper juice”.
Today, the family cultivates in total more than 3 ha of vineyards mainly located on steep hills. The cultivated varieties are mainly the cultivars of Pinot Grigio, Pinot Bianco,Chardonnay, Muscat Blanc, Vernatsch and Lagrein.
As a private winery they are constantly striving to integrate the microclimatic properties of thelocal geographical reality in the production processes. The basis for the quality properties of the wines are the coordinated and conservative philosophy of winemaking. The responsible way of operating and interacting with the environment by the reduction of all applicable stress factors is a fundamental aspect to be in perfect harmony with nature!

Via Karneider 15, 39053 Cardano
Tel. +39

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Red wines
Schiava (Vernatsch)
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Tavern open only in Autumn (only with Reservation Tel. 0471/365161)
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