Wine-growing Estate Niedrist Ignaz

Our wine estate is situated in Überetsch/Oltradige in the fraction Rungg in Girlan/Cornaiano. Our family have been devoting themselves to winegrowing for generations. Since 1989 we, Ignaz and Elisabeth have been giving this tradition a new face. Our focus is on the harmony of variety , site and soil composition. Our vineyards are situated mainly in Girlan and Eppan Berg/Appiano Monte. The soil in Girlan is glacial moraine soil, infiltrated with pebbles and ideal for our red wine varieties Pinot Noir, Vernatsch and Merlot. The Lagrein is cultivated on the deep alluvial soil of the river Talfer in the classic zone for Lagrein in Bozen Gries, on Elisabeth Niedrist’s parents’ farm Berger Gei. In Eppan Berg, on the other hand, there is limestone soil with a high share of red clay. These areas are chiefly cultivated with varieties of white wine grapes: Pinot bianco, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Riesling, but also Pinot Noir
Via Ronco 5, 39057 Cornaiano/Appiano
Tel. +39 0471 664494

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