Erste + Neue

The Erste+Neue winery has been part of the history of the Alto Adige wine trade for over 100 years. The 1986 merger of the Erste (“First”) wine co-operative (founded in 1900) with the Neue (“New”) wine co-operative (founded in 1925) produced a Alto Adige winery that was rich in both tradition and renown. The clue is in the name: the tried and tested is upheld, while there is an openness to innovation.
Today 400 dedicated wine producers bring their harvests to the winery each year. The terraced vineyards of the co-operative’s members are picturesquely situated around Lake Caldaro and on the plateau at the foot of the Mendel mountain. The total area under cultivation amounts to 235 hectares, distributed between various individual vineyards. Separate processes are used to produce the appreciated premium wines from the grapes grown in cru and top quality locations. The experience and willingness to experiment of several generations means that the Erste+Neue is today accomplished at producing reputable and well-known wines from 13 outstanding grape varieties.
Via Cantine, 5-10, 39052 Caldaro
Tel. +39 0471 963122

White wines
Moscato Giallo
Müller Thurgau
Pinot Blanc
Pinot Grigio
Red wines
Moscato Rosa
Pinot Noir
Schiava (Vernatsch)
Wine sales
Monday - Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 1pm and 3pm - 6pm (only summer, autumn and Advent)
Cellar tours
Every Wednesday at 5pm and every Friday at 10am
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