Gump Hof Markus Prackwieser

The Prackwieser family has owned the Gump Hof for more than 200 years. The building itself however goes as far back as 1546.
The peculiarity of this special location are the ever-changing winds which blow over the area. During the day, the Ora, a typically Mediterranean wind, blows in from Lake Garda, while at night the fall winds from the Dolomites cool the grapevines, lending that special fresh note to the complex wines.
The vineyards of the Gump Hof face the southwest and feature a 50 – 70% steep incline. They stretch between 400 to 500 metres above sea level and are characterised by fluvial gravel and for their sunny position. The lime-rich moraine terrain rests on solid Bozen quartz porphyry and offers the ideal conditions for the varieties grown here.
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