The Putzenhof in St. Jakob, south of Bozen/Bolzano, has been owned by the Schweigkofler-Mottironi family since 1956. They manage the farm with great care for every detail, cultivating fruit and wine and offering "holidays on the farm". The vineyards stretch over an area of approximately 3.6 hectares at the foot of a porphyry rock face, at an altitude of between 350 and 600 m a.s.l. The excellent climate, south-facing vineyards and porphyry soil offer ideal conditions for producing high-quality wines, with high minerality and balanced acidity. In the early days the family only pressed enough for their own consumption and for guests, and any remaining grapes were delivered to the winery. However, since the harvest of 2009 they have started to process the grapes by themselves and produce approximately 20,000 bottles of high quality wine every year. Apart from two white wines - Chardonney and Sauvignon - they also produce red wines such as Lagrein, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Bozner Leiten, which is typical of the region.
Via Anton Thaler 22, 39050 Laives
Tel. +39 0471 250168

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Agriturism with doble- and family rooms, bar and fully furnished kitchen for common use.
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