That which ripens in the vineyard under careful supervision is turned into the best Alto Adige wines in the wineries through innovative cellar techniques and the intuitive sensitivity of the winemaker. The clearly emphasized primary fruit – such as the elder flower tones of Sauvignon Blanc, the rose scent of the Gewürztraminer, or the wild berry aroma of Lagrein – has already become a mark of quality for Alto Adige wines.

In addition to the cultivation of these purebred varietals, what is produced in Alto Adige is also concentrated wines with a corresponding potential to develop. Today, top-quality Alto Adige wines mature for the most part in small casks made predominantly from French oak (barriques). And large wooden barrels are also once again increasingly being used. The fact that Alto Adige’s winegrowers have been successful in bringing forth top wines at the international level is confirmed by the many high ratings in the leading wine guides.