Drinking wine sets an elaborate ritual in motion with wine experts. First of all, the glass is held to the light and swirled, the nose is stuck deep into the glass, a sip is taken, slurped in the mouth, and “chewed”, before finally pondering the aroma in the finish. Only then does the connoisseur feel capable of pronouncing a judgment. In actuality, all of the senses are engaged at a wine tasting. The eyes, but above all else the nose and sense of taste are imperative for characterizing the wine. But hearing and the sense of touch are also important when evaluating an Alto Adige wine. It is therefore not always sufficient to just like wine in order to fully understand it.

Worth Experiencing

The Alto Adige Wine Academy offers courses on the topics of wine production, the enjoyment of wine, and wine & culture in the historical Pach winery in Kaltern and at selected locations throughout Alto Adige. www.suedtiroler-weinakademie.it

Seminars in the Blindprobe Sensorium in Völs am Schlern take place in absolute darkness. Conducted by an experienced sommelier, the senses of smell and taste become the scale of orientation. www.blindprobe.com

For more than 40 years, the Sommelier Association of Alto Adige/Südtirol, starting as a sole course provider, has come to be a professional and structured training center. Its objective is to promote, support and spread wine culture in Alto Adige, by providing an ongoing training program. www.sommeliervereinigung.it