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Alto Adige Wines on a World Tour

Asia, America, and Europe Get a Visit from Our Local Wines

Even through it is comparatively small, the winegrowing region of Alto Adige enjoys an outstanding reputation beyond the borders of the province. The Alpine-Mediterranean climate, vineyards that range from 200 meters to 1,000 meters (700 feet to 3,300 feet) above sea level, and the unmatched efforts of the winegrowers bring characteristic wines into existence that can easily compete at the international level.

And journalists, sommeliers, and wine connoisseurs can also look forward to enjoyable events with Alto Adige wine in the coming year. Selected venues in Japan, the USA, China, and Russia will be the showcase for Alto Adige events, masterclasses, and tradeshow appearances. Employees of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine, IDM South Tyrol, and Alto Adige wineries themselves will be present, in order to make trade journalists, dealers, and sommeliers aware of the characteristics of Alto Adige wine.

This has been a successful strategy that has also proven itself on the national market of Italy in order to strengthen the image and level of recognition of Alto Adige wine. Participation in the leading wine tradeshow in Italy, Vinitaly, is just one measure, followed by tasting events in Rome and Milan as well as seminars with the Italian Association of Sommeliers.

The European neighbors of Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands are also on the tour program. Alto Adige wine will be a guest at the wine and gourmet festival in the Rhineland, Prowein in Düsseldorf, as well as at numerous masterclasses. In Austria, on the other hand, it is in the syllabus of the Tyrolean hotel schools. On top of that, Austrian wine academicians and sommeliers will travel throughout the province in order to be able to experience Alto Adige wine at the location: of its origin with winery visits and tastings.

Particular attention will certainly be paid this year to the Alto Adige Wine Summit which, as its name implies, will be a summit meeting for the entire Alto Adige wine industry. Journalists, top sommeliers, and opinion leaders from the most varied of countries will be invited on this occasion to Alto Adige in the autumn.

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