Good wines trace their origins back to excellent grapes and a rich soil. Alto Adige’s winegrowers know that the particularly high quality can only be maintained over the long run through sustainable cultivation, and for that reasons they decide very carefully which grape variety is to be planted at which location. Because only at its “favorite place” can a particular grape variety reveal its full aroma, its complete power, and its unique personality.
With environmentally-friendly cultivation methods in the vineyards, often involving work by hand on steep terraced slopes, Alto Adige’s winegrowers coax forth their wine grapes. The extra effort pays off, serving not just the quality, but also the protection of the landscape.

By using so-called “integrated” winegrowing, the winegrowers support the grape’s own powers of resistance, in so doing protecting beneficial insects and promoting their spread. Strict limitations of yields and the consistent conversion from the classic pergola trellis to the modern wire frame (Guyot) trellis have improved the quality of the grapevines.