From Winemaking to Building: Traversing New Paths

Modern Accents between Old Walls

More and more frequently, Alto Adige wine draws attention to itself not just with outstanding products, but also with artistic buildings. Since the point in time when Alto Adige wines managed the leap from simple table wines to outstanding, noble wines, many wineries have also presented themselves accordingly.

Where the Gothic and Renaissance styles once shaped Alto Adige’s winery buildings, today modern tendencies distinguish themselves between historical walls. Within that context, the connection with tradition is maintained and is shown in the melding of old constructions with fresh ideas. A symbiosis that is rich in contrasts and yet harmonious: the ideal framework for moments to enjoy!
The “Fels” [“Cliff”] façade of the Cantina Kurtatsch

Cantina Kurtatsch

With its Dolomite façade facing the Wine Road, the Kurtatsch Winery is an architectural highlight. The façade is reminiscent of the "Millawand", the characteristic Dolomite rock on which the village of Kurtatsch is situated. This feature is the
Bolzano Winery Alto Adige

Bolzano Winery

The Bolzano Winery building, which was opened in 2018, has become a symbol of Alto Adige wine culture. It houses wine greats that have won international prizes in its imposing grape leaf cube which was built using sustainable methods and
Tramin Winery Alto Adige

Tramin Winery

With its conspicuous green and striking design, the Tramin Winery draws attention to itself. The wine shop and tasting room seem to embrace the landscape like arms, allowing the refined construction to meld into its surroundings.
Pfitscher Estate Winery Alto Adige

Pfitscher Estate Winery

Sustainability claims its reward! In 2012, the Pfitscher Estate Winery in Montagna was the first winery to be climate certified. With the motto “Keep the tradition, dare to try the new”, it was moved into the middle of the vineyards to make wine in
Kaltern Winery Alto Adige

Kaltern Winery

Anyone who comes to Caldaro is received at the entrance to the village by the winecenter, which is captivating with its no-frills architectural elegance. Behind the glass and bronze-colored façade with its grape leaf appearance, the history of
Manincor Estate Winery Alto Adige

Manincor Estate Winery

Once the tasting room and sales pavilion of the Manincor Estate Winery are entered, the first glance falls upon the panorama of Lake Caldaro. But what the visitor has no idea of: the true heart of the winery is hidden in subterranean vaults – the
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