From Novice to Connoisseur

Sharpening the senses, training the palate: wine expertise from the experts

The world of wine is appreciated by many, but really known only by few. How do you proficiently swirl the glass, sniff the finest aromas, and allow the palate to recognize varieties and intuit vintages? How does the wine even get from the vines to the glass and from the small province of Alto Adige to the entire world?
Wine enthusiasts will find the answers to these and other questions in various courses and seminars by the Academy of Wine , the Sommelier Association of Alto Adige, and the Sensorium Blind Tasting, and they will be changed by experienced pros from novices to connoisseurs. And wine experts will also have the opportunity of deepening their knowledge, gaining new insights, and networking.

The Völs am Schlern Sensoriuim Blind Tasting offers wine and sensory seminars in total darkness with the goal of training the sensory capabilities of participants and sensitizing them to a multitude of scent and taste tones.
With the motto “Experiencing wine expertise”, the courses of the Alto Adige Academy of Wine are offered regarding production, enjoyment, and wine culture. They comprise different topics and are oriented toward both curious wine connoisseurs and already-trained professionals.
Last but not least, the Sommelier Association of Alto Adige is a central meeting place for training and continuing education in the wine sector. From newcomers to professionals, all those interested can expand their knowledge here and earn a state-recognized diploma.

The Curtain is Up for Alto Adige Wine

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Pioneer of Alto Adige Wine - Toni Rottensteiner
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Pioneers of Alto Adige Wine

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