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The Alto Adige Wine Consortium supports and promotes the competition "Best Italian Wine Merchant"

For the first time a competition has been dedicated to Italian wine merchants

The Italian Association of Wine Shop Professionals (Aepi) has decided to point the spotlight on wine merchants for the first time by launching the first edition of the competition "Best Italian Wine Merchant". The aim of the competition, which is carried out in collaboration with Vinarius (Association of Italian Wine Shops) and with the support of several wine consortia including the Alto Adige Wine Consortium, is to promote one of the industry's fundamental professions and provide it with the right media visibility. In fact, wine merchants are among the main mediators between the consumer and the world of wine, always ready to provide advice and ideas on what to pair with wine, resolve any queries or questions. With their extensive knowledge of the product, consumer tastes and the food and wine sector, wine merchants are seen as prominent figures in the Italian wine industry.

For the first time, Italian wine merchants will have the opportunity to discuss and share their professional experiences within the context of a competition that is dedicated to them. The competition "Best Italian Wine Merchant" is open to two categories of professional wine merchants: bottle shops and wine bars. Owners, employees, consultants, contractors and freelancers may participate in the competition. In the event that wine merchants belonging to the same establishment wish to participate, they may only do so if they play an active role.

The participants will compete in two challenges and will be judged by a jury composed of four members who are experts in the beverage industry and led by Stefano Caffarri, a leading food and wine writer. The six semi-finalists, three for each category, will have the opportunity to take part in some of the best professional training in the industry.

The final will be held in Rome in June where a winner for both categories will be announced for the award of “Best Italian Wine Merchant 2022”. In addition to this award, there will also be awards for the "Best Italian Wine Merchant Under 30" and the "Best Italian Wine Merchant Abroad".

The "Best Italian Wine Merchant" competition is sponsored by MIPAAF (Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies) and stands to be a wonderful opportunity for promoting a profession within Italy's high-quality wine industry.
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