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What’s Going On in the World of Alto Adige Wine

Alto Adige’s wines are as varied as its winegrowers, as full of tradition as the province, and as unique as each vintage. But above all else, the Alto Adige wine industry never stands still, rather, it moves forward with the times and constantly follows new paths.

 Come on along and find a look back at past experiences, a view into current events, and a glimpse of the future of Alto Adige wine.
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Only the best for Dad!
Tips | 13.03.2023

Only the best for Dad!

Gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face for Father’s Day
The success of our pioneers
Winegrowing Region | 06.02.2023

The success of our pioneers

The figures speak for themselves: the pillars of the Alto Adige wine sector have won over the public
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