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The signet of Alto Adige’s DOC wines and what it means

Since 2011 the signet on the bottle caps has stood for the wine’s protected origin and its associated characteristics: only DOC wines from Alto Adige are allowed to bear this signet. It is obvious why large numbers of producers opt for it: one look is enough to tell a wine connoisseur that they are holding a high-quality wine, produced in Alto Adige under strict DOC regulations. Many stakeholders thus jointly benefit from the hard work and dedication to quality of the individual winegrowers, cooperatives and wineries.
DOC Cultivation Zone Alto Adige

DOC Cultivation Zone

In the subject of the DOC cultivation zone, Alto Adige is the leader in all of Italy. This small winegrowing region produces a very high percentage of its wines according to strict quality standards.
Awards and Honors Alto Adige

Awards and Honors

Passion that bears fruit, commitment that is worthwhile: Alto Adige's excellent wines.
Impressions of Wine:Experienced, enjoyed, shared
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