The diversity of Alto Adige’s red wines

These red wines – including two indigenous varieties – possess both a tradition and a future

Alto Adige does not produce fashionable wines, but rather authentic wines of distinctive character that include both traditional red wines and international varieties. Vernatsch and Lagrein are considered to be native to the region and together cover almost 20% of the region’s winegrowing areas. Burgundy varieties have also been cultivated in Alto Adige since 1840, with classic Bordeaux varieties such as Merlot or Cabernet arriving in 1890. The diversity of these red wines develops with amazing finesse in Alto Adige’s terroir: sometimes fruity, sometimes complex, but always sensational.
Lagrein Alto Adige
Indigenous Varieties


Alto Adige's Nobility
in a velvet suit

Pinot Noir Alto Adige

Pinot Noir

Elegant caliber
with a fullness that matches the grape intensity

Merlot Alto Adige


A full-bodied charmer:
for melting away



The profound one
with full body and spice

Red Wine Alto Adige

About the Varieties

Winegrowing Alto Adige

Winegrowing as the Landscape Mosaic

Alto Adige’s top-quality wines come from the vineyards of aficionados right in the middle of urban residential areas as well as from the extensive vine-covered hillsides in rural areas.
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