Pinot grapes exposed to the sun and wind

An old wine-growing region, a young estate winery

On thesun-kissed slopes that range from the Renon all the way down to Bolzano, peoplehave been growing grapes for centuries. So it comes as no surprise that theMessner family from Renon, too, hurled themselves into the adventure of winegrowing. That is how the Spornberg Mountain Winery in Soprabolzano wasestablished in 2016, a young estate winery in an old wine-growing region.

Thefirst thing that catches the eye is that the vines of the Spornberg MountainWinery are grown in an exposed and airy location. Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, andPinot Grigio are grown here, and there are a few strict policies in place thatapply to both the vineyard and the cellar: work is done with consideration anda lot of it by hand.

Moreover,the Messner family and their employees always bear the natural cycle of thingsin mind. In plain terms, this means that nature is given all the time and spaceit requires. Intervention only happens when there is no other way.

Such aconsiderate way of working is also made possible by the location: the vineyardsof the Spornberg Mountain Winery are located at an altitude of 860 meterson a sunny southern slope where the air and the sandy, loamy soil warm upquickly and offer the perfect conditions for the vines and grapes to thrive. Atthe same time, the location is airy; thanks to the wind, the grapes do notremain moist and fungi do not stand a chance.

Naturehas been good to the young Spornberg Mountain Winery in Soprabolzano, and so itis hardly surprising that everyone here is showing it the utmost respect.

Erdpyramidenweg 8, 39054, Renon
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Direct sales
“We always bear the natural cycle of things in mind and will only intervene if absolutely necessary. After all, nature will sort out a lot of things on its own if you just give it the time and leave it alone to do it.”
Rafael Messner, Spornberg Mountain Winery
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