Keep it chill!

The Michael Puff winegrowing estate is a no-frills operation both at the vineyard and in the cellar.

Themotto at the Michael Puff winegrowing estate in Cornaiano is “Keep it chill!”.The addressee of that instruction is not, however, the founder of thewinegrowing estate of the same name but the vines, some of which are grown inhigh grass here: wild shoot distribution, no pruning, and as little defoliationas possible. “Our method is unconventional, but our ultimate goal is always toput the vines under as little stress as possible,” says Michael Puff.

AndMichael’s philosophy in the cellar is not much different: his wines arespontaneously fermented in concrete barrels and then aged for twelve months insmall oak barrels before they go back in the concrete barrels for another sixto nine months. “We are going entirely without fining and filtration in thebottling process,” says Michael Puff, “so our wine is very much a no-frillsproduct.”

MichaelPuff founded his own winegrowing estate in Cornaiano/Ronchi in 2020 aftercompleting vocational training at the Laimburg professional school, someinternships at winegrowing estates and wineries, and conducting experiments athis own parents’ estate. Today, Michael’s winegrowing estate is based onlocations in Cornaiano/Ronchi and Appiano Monte. He has focused exclusively onPinot Noir—and a vision of fresh and new Pinot Noir stylistics.

ThePinot Noirs from the Michael Puff winegrowing estate bear a dragonfly in thelabel that symbolizes elegance, power, and timelessness—and is also at home onthe winegrowing estate.

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“Our method is unconventional, but our ultimate goal is always to put the vines under as little stress as possible.”
Michael Puff, winegrower
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