Consorzio Alto Adige Wines: The Competence Center

The Center for All Those Dealing with Wine in Alto Adige

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines is the display case for Alto Adige wine both within the province and abroad. It bundles together all of the forces acting with each other in the Alto Adige wine sector. The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines [Südtirol Wein] was founded in 2007 as a platform for the marketing and image building of Alto Adige winemaking. It is an association of cooperatives, estate wineries, and independent winegrowers in the province. Since its founding, the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines had developed into the absolute competence center and is the first starting point to approach when the subject is Alto Adige wine.
Consulting, Knowledge Transfer, Positioning

As the interest group for all those dealing with wine in Alto Adige, the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines [Südtirol Wein] represents the single most important body for all of the strategic, technical, legal, and cultural matters regarding wine in Alto Adige. The Consorzio is the interface between the winegrowers and all institutions that are involved with the topics of winegrowing and winemaking in Alto Adige.

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines acts in partnership with IDM - Alto Adige, the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce as the regulating authority for Alto Adige DOC and IGT wines, and the Provincial Office of Fruitgrowing and Winegrowing. The goal of this collaboration is accompanying and supporting the great density of quality in the Alto Adige wine sector with just as high a level of knowledge transfer and strategic marketing measures.

The independent winegrowers, estate wineries, and cooperatives of Alto Adige turn to the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines as its consulting center for EU subsidy projects, for research projects, for matters of wine regulations, for producer requirements, for register entries, and for consultation regarding marketing presences both in Italy and abroad.

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines is not just the mouthpiece of Alto Adige winegrowing to the local industry itself, but also the wine display case and stage for the international networking and positioning of the Alto Adige wine [Südtirol Wein] brand throughout the world of wine.
The Wine Platform for Progress, Research, and Marketing

Alto Adige’s oenologists and winemakers complete the valuable work in the wineries which the winegrowers began out in the vineyards. They bring to completion the fascinating metamorphosis of the grapes into wine. The excellent wines from Alto Adige with their many national and international awards and honors are the spearhead of quality for the Consorzio.

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines also provides the impetus for the future of Alto Adige winegrowing with the preparation of strategic decisions, and it represents the quality of Alto Adige wine with a single compact presence. As an overarching platform both online and offline, it offers comprehensive background information on the topic of wine in Alto Adige and is the interface for all matters regarding winegrowing, winemaking, and wine marketing for Alto Adige.

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines provides continuing education for producers, study trips, market research, cooperation exchanges, and various other wine projects for local, national, and international exchanges. It also presents the wine from Alto Adige at conferences, tradeshows, marketing projects, and a whole variety of other events.

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines: Network for Wine Competence

Where Passion for Wine Creates Potential for the Future