Always Taking a Step Forward

From Intuition to Precision

In the small winegrowing region of Alto Adige, there is no room for massive-scale production. There is only one direction: upwards! That’s why all of the independent winegrowers, estate wineries, and winery cooperatives focus on quality. They make courageous decisions with new plantings, they willingly restructure old and established plots, and they minutely study the optimization of the grape variety for each small location. And in the end, they dress up their ambitions in extravagant architecture as part of the total wine experience. That is how Alto Adige’s winemaking brings a noteworthy concentration of top wines to the international wine scene – as well as exquisite pleasure in the wine.
Soils and winegrowing Alto Adige

Down to Earth

The handicraft of Alto Adige winegrowers keeps tradition alive. Generation after generation.
Sustainability Alto Adige


Careful development for better quality of life: winegrowing in Alto Adige looks toward the future.