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How “Südtirol” Arrives in the Bottle

Alto Adige is blessed as a winegrowing region. But in the end, who is it behind the great wines that impress the world? It is the people who cause quality to flourish with passion and hard work. Independent winegrowers, cooperatives, and estate wineries have known for decades how small-scale structures can turn out something huge: with a common purpose and yet in their own way, with the declared goal of never standing still. In that way, nature is protected and the tradition is maintained while determinedly keeping a view toward the future.

The result is wines that embody the winegrowers’ striving for quality down to the finest notes – and which may proudly carry the trademark “Südtirol Wine”.
Südtirol Capsule

Südtirol Capsule

If Südtirol is on the capsule, then Alto Adige is also inside. That is the promise that lies behind the imprint on the capsule. It guarantees both the origin and the high quality of the wines.
What the Capsule Stands For
DOC Cultivation Zone Alto Adige

DOC Cultivation Zone

In the subject of the DOC cultivation zone, Alto Adige is the leader in all of Italy. This small winegrowing region produces a very high percentage of its wines according to strict quality standards.
Where the Quality Comes From
Awards and Honors Alto Adige

Awards and Honors

Passion that bears fruit, commitment that is worthwhile: Alto Adige's excellent wines.
Vintages Alto Adige


Never predictable and full of surprises: every vintage is anticipated with excitement.