The Winegrowing Region of Alto Adige: Multifaceted, with Great Character

Where Contrasts Meld into Delights

Snow-covered peaks and sunny promenades, perfectionism and passion, striving for quality and enjoying life all meld together in winegrowing into an exciting symbiosis, creating a special esprit in the Alto Adige winegrowing scene. The many facets of the terroir, the climatic conditions filled with contrasts paired with the wealth of experience and desire for innovation with the estate wineries, independent winegrowers, and cooperatives all create an incomparable bandwidth of characteristic wines in Alto Adige. Thus it can simultaneously be the tingling sparkling wines and primary fruity varietals, discriminating selections and exquisite dessert wines that present themselves as excellent ambassadors of Alto Adige's savoir-vivre.

How the Character Arrives in the Bottle

From Values to Highly Valued

Striving for Quality Alto Adige

Striving for Quality

The ingredients that make the cultivation zone of Alto Adige the most prizewinning wine region in all of Italy.
Sustainability Alto Adige


Careful development for better quality of life: winegrowing in Alto Adige looks toward the future.
Soils and winegrowing Alto Adige

Down to Earth

The handicraft of Alto Adige winegrowers keeps tradition alive. Generation after generation.
Landscape Alto Adige

Fertile Soil

The Princess and the Pea:
winegrowing in Alto Adige is
a work of millimeters, since every
grape variety has its own particular
demands for climate, soil, and
elevation. And every variation
has relevance.
Alto Adige Terroir
Winegrower Alto Adige

Experienced Hands

Alto Adige is a winegrowing region of
modest dimensions. Its true
greatness lies in the winegrowers’ bond
with the earth and their discipline.
Their nature manifests itself in winegrowing
as a symbiosis of opposites:
tradition and the pioneer spirit.
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