Unmistakable: Lagrein and Schiava

“Local” for Over a Hundred Years

With the great variety of top wines that are grown here, the two indigenous varieties of Alto Adige are a special symbol of the origin from the province. Because they have expressed the character traits of the terroir of Alto Adige for well over a hundred years now, Lagrein and Schiava (Vernatsch) unmistakably reveal the particular identity of the wine.
Lagrein Alto Adige


Alto Adige's Nobility
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Grapes Alto Adige

"Two reds bring into the wineglass that which makes the origin Alto Adige unmistakable: the influence of the mountains, the multifaceted contrasts, the spirit of human action, and the balancing act between spontaneous individualism and structured dependability. Schiava (Vernatsch) and Lagrein continue to stand as the genuine ambassadors of Alto Adige in the top wine segment. Schiava and Lagrein are both traditional and modern, and they are the ideal complement to a variety of dishes. "

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Wine Alto Adige

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