A Spicy Specialty from the Isarco Valley

At one time, it was the winegrowers of Austria who made Grüner Veltliner presentable at the international level, but it is also grown with much success in Alto Adige. Its aficionados have been especially taken with the soft aromas of green apple and grapefruit. This pleasantly spicy white is a refreshing specialty from the Isarco Valley of Alto Adige.
27 hectares (66 acres)
the area of cultivation for Veltliner
0.5 %
out of the total area of cultivation in Alto Adige
Serving temperature
8° C. (46° F.)
10° C. (50° F.)
Pairs with
fried fish
Speck and cold cuts
traditional dishes of Alto Adige
Preferred location
On gravel soils in the Isarco Valley, in warm locations from 500 to 650 m (1,700 to 2,200 ft.)
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