As the Year is, So is the Wine

Not Everything Lies within the Winegrower’s Hand

“A great vintage.” That’s something that wine connoisseurs love to hear. The wine vintage is only partially predictable. Sometimes the weather does not cooperate, sometimes the conditions for it are particularly favorable. In the end, there is always a little moment of surprise. But it is precisely that which forms the great variety and the allure of wine – and the challenge for the winegrowers. In the end, it is up to them to draw out the best from each vintage and to make newer and newer wines shine as vintage highpoints.
Vintage 2020 - Vini Alto Adige

Vintage 2020

An Average to Good Vintage for the White Wines, Top Qualities for Lagrein and Pinot Noir
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Vintage 2013 grapes Alto Adige

Vintage 2013

An exciting vintage with great white wines, elegant, typical Schiava wines, and red wines with good potential
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The Curtain is Up for Alto Adige Wine

Trends and Events, Delights and Culture

International wine guides 2024

International wine guides

99 top grades for 68 Alto Adige wines by 29 producers: the current editions of the six most renowned non-Italian wine guides worldwide once again ...
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