Pinot Noir Alto Adige

Pinot Noir

The Crème de la Crème of Italian Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the secret majesty among Alto Adige's reds. Its intense scent of red and purple berries with tones of cloves and violets make for a very special version of this soft, elegant wine. Especially well known representatives are made in Mazon near Egna and in Gleno and Pinzano next to Montagna, and in the Val Venosta, its bold facets have caused quite the sensation. The most important Italian wine guides have confirmed Alto Adige as having the best Pinot Noirs south of the Alps. Simply superb!
Pinot Noir
580 hectares (1433 acres)
the area of cultivation for Pinot Noir
10.0 %
out of the total area of cultivation in Alto Adige
Serving temperature
14° C. (57° F.)
16° C. (61° F.)
Pairs with
spring lamb
aged cheeses
Data sheet
From origin to cultivation and the aromatic characterization: find here more information on Pinot Noir.
Pinot Noir
Preferred location
Medium-elevation terraced slopes with calcareous gravel soils, starting from 400 m (1,300 ft.) above sea level.
From Burgundy, its homeland, Pinot Nero traveled around the world and found a new home between the mountains of Alto Adige. In fact, Pinot Nero is considered by many to be the noblest of the reds in Alto Adige, also known as Südtirol. Here, thanks to the climate and to the make-up of the land, it releases very fine aromas and it is characterized by a uniquely rare refinement. Pinot Nero is very demanding, it brings out the best of itself only where it finds the ideal conditions, in the vineyard but also in the cellar.

Like a delicate creature, it requires special care and attention at every stage of its production. There are many enologists who test their know-how with this variety, but only very few are able to fully bring out its extraordinary refinement. This noble variety was introduced to Alto Adige at the beginning of the nineteenth century thanks to the Austro-Hungarian royal house. This grape, of French origin, has found its ideal habitat here where its characteristics find their best expression.

Cultivation is mainly concentrated on the western slopes of Bassa Atesina, in the area south of Bolzano, in particular in the municipalities of Egna and Montagna, but it also finds excellent conditions in other areas of the region, such as in Val Venosta. Its intense aroma of dark, red grapes, the olfactory scents of cloves, violet and an aroma of the undergrowth, the full elegance with which it envelops the palate, make it a wine of great class and personality. It is a very sensitive variety of grape, its thin and delicate skin makes it difficult to grow not only in Burgundy, its French homeland, but also in Alto Adige.

Its typical characteristics vary according to the areas in which it is produced: on the Mazzon (Egna) plateau it is warmer and more enveloping; in the vineyards of the village of Montagna it stands out for its elegant point of acidity and finally, in Val Venosta it is recognized for its refinement. Versatility, this is the watchword of Pinot Nero which, thanks to its features and finesse, is suitable for accompanying numerous dishes.
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