Schiava (Vernatsch)

The Lightfooted Red on a Conquest Campaign

Schiava has got what it takes! This leading indigenous red variety of the region has been at home in Alto Adige since as early as the sixteenth century, and it is being grown with broader and broader distribution. In recent decades, the area planted was drastically reduced, and thus Schiava gained considerably in quality and right now is experiencing a Renaissance. As a light wine with moderate tannins, floral tones of violets and fresh berries, it is also a popular aperitif wine when chilled. The wines can be full bodied when from Santa Maddalena,soft when from Lake Caldaro and spicy when from Merano. In terms of food pairings, this allrounder shines especially with the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine.
Schiava (Vernatsch)
573 hectares (1415.91 acres)
the area of cultivation for Schiava
10.2 %
out of the total area of cultivation in Alto Adige
Serving temperature
12° C. (54° F.)
14° C. (57° F.)
Pairs with
Speck and cold cuts
Italian dishes
traditional dishes of Alto Adige
Schiava (Vernatsch)
Preferred location
Especially at Lake Caldaro, around Santa Maddalena in Bolzano, and in the area around Merano, on alluvial and gravel soils on slopes up to 500 m (1,700 ft.) above sea level.
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